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It looks like I lost the radishes. I went through the whole pot and not a single ‘growth’. I brought the squash pot in and thinned it out just as I did the string beans and peas.

I am hoping the string beans will grow bigger but even if they don’t I will put them in some recipe. I am giving them another week or two. If you look closer in the middle of the peas picture you will see some forming. I had always peas grew on a vine but obviously there are different kind of peas that grow different ways. There were a lot of ‘brown strings’ that I cut out giving the remaining stems room to breathe.

I know the pot for the squash is pretty small so I may have to ‘thin’ it out more but I am hoping to see some growth.

By the way the picture of the gladiolas in my Mother’s Day post are the ones I grew in a pot but of the bulbs this is the only one that has produced so far–I’m waiting for the others! I think Mother Nature decided this one would grow to salute all mothers!!

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