Monday, Memorial Day, May 26th I was in such pain I called 911 and went to the hospital.

The following Monday I was back in the hospital and had 2 stents put in my left leg. After a week of arguing, cajoling, yelling, sweet talking between insurance company, doctors, surgeons, nurses and the hospital I was able to get an appointment to get stents put in the right leg.

The procedure was scheduled for Tuesday, June 10, at 7 AM and then I got  a call Monday asking if I would be okay with a 7:30 appointment and I said fine. I was up at 6 AM to get ready for the ride to the hospital which I had already arranged for the earlier time and didn’t want to change it as they could mess it up.

The ride came at 6:50 AM, left me off at the hospital at 7:05 and by 7:30 I was in the pre-op room getting prepped checking my Warfarin level, taking complete blood work, getting an IV put in my arm, getting undressed and put in one of those open air hospital gowns—all these years and this is still the best they can come up with?–and got into bed and waited—and waited—and waited! Finally the surgeon, who I do like, came in and asked a answered some of my questions up to a point. He had brought a chart in with him and without going into the whole thing he basically said that he wasn’t going to do the right leg because, like my left leg, there is a small blockage in the main vein but that subsidiary veins were carrying the blood down the legs. He said he could do an operation on both legs hut there was risk involved in the surgery and I could wind up in worse shape. He felt that as long as I could walk a few blocks without pain, and wasn’t planning to run a marathon—he doesn’t know me!!–he felt I should wait and see how things develop.

I called Allen at 10:50 AM and he came and picked me up and we went for a Cuban Sandwich—more on that in another post.

The kicker is folks that I still have the pain on the side of my lower left foot that I have been complaining about for two months, that my primary says are spurs and my podiatrist says is gout!!

My next move????? Stay tuned!!

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