Monday  June  16  Pulmonary doctor  Tuesday June 17 Vascular Surgeon
Monday  June 23  Primary doctor        Tuesday  June 24  NET doctor
Tuesday July 1 Podiatrist

And get busy on Monday to get appointments with: Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Urologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist and Neurologist.  Mmmm–did I forget someone?

You keep on hearing about old people being sick and moaning and groaning about their illnesses, doctors, medicines, etc., and, of course, you pooh-pooh it.  Mark my words kids you will being doing the same thing once you hit the 60s if not before.

You are looking forward to being retired or having life a little easier and how do you spend your time? Going to doctors, waiting in doctors offices, going to pharmacies, going home, becomes all parts of your life plus X-rays, cat scans, ultra sounds and, yes, hospitals. Let’s not even get into insurance and bills!

My primary doctor just shakes his head and tells me that I am paying for all the years I smoked too much, drank too much, had too much sex (HUH????), ate too many of the wrong foods. My response? Okay I am paying the price but I had 60+ good years!

One thing I did learn, and will pass along, is that I don’t pay attention to “See you in 6 weeks” or “See you in 4 months”–as long as I am doing okay once a year is enough for checkups unless I have an ongoing  problem like I am with my legs (read the various pass posts). I am astute enough to know when my body isn’t acting right and then will call to make an appointment.

I would strongly suggest that you get very involved with your own health care–questions ALL the medicines they prescribe. At one point I was taking 18 medicines and there was no need for it. Check with pharmacists about medicines you are taking. Don’t hesitate going for second opinions and don’t hesitate ’firing’ doctors. I have fired 3 in the past few months in one case where a doctor kept me waiting for 2 hours ’due to an emergency’. Yes emergencies do happen but this was the 3rd time it happened and doctors do overbook just like  airlines and hotels do! Another doctor gave 10 minutes, and only 10 minutes to a patient, whether you needed more or not. The third was just a case of my not feeling comfortable with the doctor and since it is my health involved I want/need a doctor I can talk to about anything I want/need to about anything.

Okay you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s and maybe in your 50s and you just know you won’t be like the old folks you know now–sorry, kids, you are the old folks of tomorrow–get to know about your body, your health and have a calendar to mark your never ending appointments! At the same time be glad there is help to keep you going!

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