After seeing “Oklahoma” I was hooked!  From the mid 40s until the 60s I saw most every play and musical presented on Broadway from the famous like “A Streetcar Named Desire”, Come Back Little Sheba”, “Death of a Salesman”, “The King and I”, “West Side Story” to those completely forgotten except by theatre lovers of that generation such as “Along 5th Avenue”, “Minnie’s Boys”, “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” and “Does A Tiger Wear A Necktie”–I’ve seen them all.

I consider myself lucky to have seen the best of the Broadway stars in their biggest hits such as Gertrude Laurence, Julie Harris in 5 different plays starting with “Member of the Wedding”, Streisand in “I Can Get It For You Wholesale” and Funny Girl”, Brando, Vivian Leigh, Angela Lansbury in “Mame“, John Riatt in “Carousel“ and “Pajama Game“, Ingrid Bergman, George C. Scott, Colleen Dewhurst, Lena Horne, Mary Martin in “South Pacific” and Ethel Merman among many others.

I went to theatre when I lived in Miami Beach and I went to the La Jolla Playhouse when I lived in Southern California. I went to theatre in South America, New Zealand and Australia but it was  “A Chorus Line” that sent me to theatres all over the United States. I became a ‘groupie’ of the show and saw it in St. Louis, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Memphis and other cities. I haven’t been to theatre in New York since “A Chorus Line” 1985.

As much as I love theatre I never lost my love for the movies and even today go at least once a week if not more. We have ‘lost’ a few movie houses as the one on the Riverfront closed and the AMC became a ‘dining’ movie house, which I will write about if I ever go there as it is more expensive than most movies.

As far as theatres go I miss the Caldwell Playhouse which started out as a theatre in the Boca Raton mall in the 1980s then opened their own theatre on Federal Highway finally getting their own separate building but couldn’t make it there due to the recession. There was the 26th Street theatre which, sadly, doesn’t have shows anymore but there are still many theatre groups around working to survive.

Of all the theatres I have been to The Parker Playhouse is a gem and I love going there to see plays and musicals and special events. I did have a post here about it but I can’t find it–even using the ‘search’.  It has perfect sight lines whether in the first or last row and the acoustics are fine.

As far as movie houses go The Gateway Theatre is my home away from home and that is the first one I will talk about after which, thanks to Corinne, Charlotte and Charlie, I will tell you about The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami and The Broward Performing Arts Center in Fort Lauderdale.
(to be continued)

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