As a rule I will usually post my movie review the same evening after I have seen the movie but I wanted to give the “Third Person” awhile before giving my opinions. I don’t remember the last time I saw an audience with such puzzled faces walking out of a movie theatre as I did after the end credits were shown.

While I prefer my movies tied up in a bow with rational explanations of why/what took place I don’t mind the occasional one with ambiguous endings but sometimes the writer/director, in this case Paul Haggis, who also wrote and directed the Oscar winning “Crash”, goes a little too far. There are 3 stories going on here simultaneously but really there is a fourth which helps in adding, “What?!” to the ending. I don’t like to give spoilers so I really won’t give my explanation except to say as a writer I have written books of fiction giving characters different aspects of myself and leave it at that.

The stories revolve around Mike (Liam Neeson), Anna (Olivia Wilde) and his wife (Kim Basinger), Sean (Adrien Brody) and Monika (Moran Atias), Julia (Mila Kunis) and her ex (James Franco) and her lawyer (Maria Bello) each story involving a child, girl or boy, dead or alive.

One couple is in Paris, another in Rome and a third in New York and whether on purpose or not the writer/director Haggis will have Mila in New York, where her main story takes and place, and twice in Paris without any reason except writers have the freedom to take their story where they want.

All the actors do fine but Kunis’s make up is a bit too much even for a one time soap opera star and Brody comes up bland playing opposite Atias, an Israeli actress, as a Romanian gypsy!

I don’t know how to explain this but though the movie is interesting it is also boring, the running time being over 2 hours and 20 minutes. The film is about all aspects of love but doesn’t get the viewer involved which in the end makes it a failure.

Posted July 5, 2014 by greatmartin in ENTERTAINMENT, MOVIE REVIEW


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  1. Hi,
    I just saw the movie and it is quite a deception…
    I agree with u and I’m glad that u wrote about Kunis beeing simultaneously in New York and Paris cause it really made me questioning the entire movie.
    I’m a big Franco’s fan and his act was the worst in these last 10 years!!!
    But the worst part has to be Brody, man what happened to this amazing actor???He just vanished in a nonsense acting…
    I still think that Neeson is good even in a flat movie like this one.
    Well, 2h30 for nothing or at least not for something.
    Take care

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