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I am not that much of a shoe person. I have 3 ‘dress’ shoes that I alternate wearing going to the theatre about 14 times of the year and I have had them for about 10 years. I, also, have a pair of slippers that I may wear now and then plus I got suckered into buying 2 pairs of ‘massage sandals’ that were suppose to ‘soothe’ my feet when having gout and/or spurs.

My favorite ‘shoe’ is the flip-flop which I wear 351 days (352 during a Leap Year) and in the evening since I very seldom wear the slippers. Doctors will tell you that flip-flops will harm your legs and cause problems in the future. All I know is that when my feet hurt they ease the pain whereas shoes cause more pain.

At this time I have 8 pairs of flip-flops but I have had as many as 20. I use to buy some at the Dollar Tree store but they were very thin soled and didn’t last that long. A few years ago when Old Navy had a sale on them for $2 a pair I had bought 4 pairs of which I still have 3. Last Saturday they had an in-store sale for flip-flops going at a dollar a pair but I had no way of getting there and instead went to their web site where I ordered the same but at $2 a pair plus postage.

Size on flip-flops are a funny thing so I bought 3 at size 10-11 and 2 at size 11-12. It took about 5 days to get here but now I am set with flip-flops for at least 5 years. I bought 2 striped and 3 solid—hey I want my flip-flops to match my shorts and shirt!!

It is very rare to see anyone all dressed up in Fort Lauderdale, not even in the theatre, except maybe some sales people. Heck even teachers wear shorts to school but more about that later!

Want to relax and have that ‘beach bum’ feel just come on down here where not only the tourists dress like tourists!


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