I started writing when I was 10 and knew I wanted to be a writer when I won a writing contest at 12–I wrote an essay for the contest “Why Bing Crosby Is My Favorite Singer”–he wasn’t– (don’t worry kids if you haven’t heard of him–he was an Oscar winning actor, a shrewd real estate guy an world renown singer  with  one his big hits being “White Christmas”) and being a winner I won a Bing Crosby shirt! It was so easy I figured writing would be my career.

Long story short–I have had 8 books published–the last two self-published–a play produced–one performance–BUT it was made into a movie for which I got a nice sum. I don’t talk about the play or movie! Over the years I have written many articles for newspapers, magazines, untold amount letters to the editor and for awhile I was writing columns for 3 different local papers one being a dining column, another essays for the largest gay newspaper at the time in Fort Lauderdale and the third a gay bar guide for South Florida. Currently I am writing reviews of touring Broadway shows that play in Fort Lauderdale and Miami for broadwayshowbiz.com

When I was working for/with Weight Watchers and when I opened my own organization called Our Weigh I wrote cookbooks, motivational books and each organization’s monthly newspaper.

With all this, except for the 10 years in the weight reduction field, I didn’t make a living writing but being  a professional waiter, which I really loved doing but more about that another time.

When it came to writing I always wrote too much and that’s what the next part is about!

Posted July 31, 2014 by greatmartin in WRITING

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