As in New York, Memphis, Miami Beach, and Rio ,a gay bar in Buenos Aires was like walking into an old hangout but though I understood and spoke a little high school Spanish I couldn’t keep up with all that was being said but managed to get across to the bartender that I wanted a ‘un scotch y aqua’ and got it! The guy next to me started laughing and, in a very heavy British accent, said something to the effect, “That was a good one chap!”

We talked for a little bit and he said he would really like to see me again but he had to get some sleep as he had an early rehearsal in the morning. It seems he was the owner/director of a very well established children’s theatre. He suggested I come to the theatre and that we could spend the evening together, having dinner, walking around the Cordoba Avenue shops and then—leaving it as a question mark. We agreed that 6:30 PM would be a good time and he gave me his card and suggested he show me where the theatre was which he did. I walked back to the hotel marveling at the wide boulevard and how busy it was so late at night.

Following are some of the notes from the letters I wrote from Buenos Aires and as much as I look and try to remember the guy’s name I don’t see or recall it!

I went on my own out to a restaurant for lunch called the Gran Florida restaurant on Florida street not far from the hotel. (I had to see if it is still there and though there is a Gran Florida Restaurant on Florida Street I don’t know if it is the same one!) I ordered a Parrillada Mixta. It is a mixed grill and I mean a MIXED GRILL! And the portions were big enough to satisfy me. I did learn American Scotch was $3 while local scotch was $1.

I walked around the city for about 3 hours until it was time to go to the theatre and meet ????. It is a busy hustling city with, it seems, more people then in New York. The men looked so-so, not as flagrant showing their ‘jewels’ and aren’t as sexy, Latin looking like the guys in Rio but the women look they just got off or were just going on a tango stage. They all seem to wear skintight skirts and swayed in a way that defined sexiness. It was fun just watching people walking by.

I was much better with the money here than I was in Rio except when I was buying something I didn’t quite understand how much they wanted but they seemed happy, not too happy, so I guess I was within the ballpark figure!

At 6:30 I was in the theatre watching some scene being done in a mixture of Spanish and English. He nodded for me to take a seat and 30 minutes later everyone was gone and we went for dinner, his pointing out different places, such as hotels, where famous people stayed or stores like the famous London Harrods branch and walked into a restaurant that was jam packed. He said it was like this all day and night and people stood by your table waiting for you to get up and get out. It wasn’t the best place to get to know someone but we managed to exchange information about each other and to eat!