EGRETS 3 AUG 16 2014

From 8 PM until 1 AM it seems like I am doing a lot of things but I never feel rushed or pressured. Along with eating dinner, posting my blogs, responding to those who have commented on my blogs, checking out a few web sites like groupons for special dining out coupons or mypoints.com I am usually corresponding with Mary and/or Sharon or taking a quick look at face book or like this past week, Memphis Chuck is ‘hacking’ (with my permission LOL) into my computer to get rid of the many mistakes I make which in turn slows the machine down.

While doing all that I am watching TV shows such as “Suits”, “Graceland” which one of our resident has a role in, “The Bridge”, “True Blood” and /or “Taxi Brooklyn” not to forget “Big Brother” as I wait for Zach to be kicked off. At 11PM it is the late night news to see if I have won the lottery or power ball and having to hear about the latest killings, war, child abduction and animal abuse.

11:30 PM the TV goes off and I relax for an half hour playing Free Cell, Hearts and Bingo before walking outside for another half hour just to watch the stars and moon and taking a walk to The Point which at this time I have all to myself feeling as if I own the whole world. Then back home, get into bed and read books until the eyes won’t stay open anymore.

What makes this just another special day was that I woke up in the morning and had another day of life. Some days may be better or worse than others but as long as I wake up in the morning I am ready for anything and grateful to be faced by Mother Nature once again. She never stops giving and even in her furious days there is magic in seeing what she can and does accomplish. She can test us like no one else can and then all of a sudden knock us over with a rainbow or a sunset.

Give me that chance of waking up in the morning, walking out of my dark bedroom into the light from outside and I know it is just another special day.

Posted August 22, 2014 by greatmartin in LIFE EVENTS, personal life

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