Having lived in Memphis and traveling throughout the South for 10 years I learned what good bbq tastes like.

The last time I ate at the Texas Hold ‘Em BBQ was in June 2012 in their old location on Sunrise Boulevard. It has been awhile since they moved to this new spot which probably doesn’t hold 10% of the customers the previous place held.

Even with that there were only about 11 customers for lunch. I had eaten in this place when it was another restaurant and the new owner really hasn’t done much to improve it. When I started in the restaurant business in 1955 I was told you can tell how good a restaurant is by their rest room area. I would suggest you don’t go to the rest room before dining.

Allen and I both had the Combo dinner which consists of two meats and two sides with bbq sauce ($16.50 each) and diet sodas ($2.50 each) We wanted the brisket–which the server said didn’t come with the combo–so we had the pulled pork, maybe 2 ounces, and spare ribs–three ribs–plus a side of cole slaw and a side of macaroni & cheese.

The ribs were dry and I don’t mean dry rubbed–just dry! The pulled pork was okay, the slaw good and the macaroni and cheese just about passable. There haven’t been any improvements in the food since they moved and I still don’t understand their not serving coffee.

The server Staci was the only one working in the front of the house, both the restaurant and bar. She was fast, pleasant and efficient.

The check came to $48.28 including tax and tip and having a Groupon it cost us $38.28 so the bottom line came to $19.14 each for lunch. Way too much for a mediocre meal.

There are far too many good, and two great, bbq restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, to spend so much for so little at the Texas Hold ‘Em BBQ.

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