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 Sometimes luck just surrounds you and you have to appreciate and share it when it happens.

This past weekend I got a notice from Bubblews that my July 31 redemption was on the way to Paypal. The next day I got another royalty check from Authorhouse. Oh, not much, $2, but it is more than I had yesterday! Along with that I won two free tickets for a preview showing of “Love Is Strange” starring Alfred Molina and John Lithgow, which I have been looking forward to seeing since I first heard about it I the Spring. It opens Friday and while Allen and I were going to see it, and would have paid the $8.50 per ticket, it is so much better to see it before everyone else and did I mention FREE??

And just to put icing on the cake I used my scooter and went up to the bank and it didn’t rain a single drop! Talk about luck. Though it was noisy I thought I would stop and take a picture contrasting the difference between where I live and Sunrise Boulevard which is about 6 blocks away. They have decided to raise this bridge–one of 2 on the Boulevard with the second being an east entrance to the beach and is very high–6 feet. It will allow many more boats to get over to the other side of the new river but I have a feeling they should have raised it more! In any case we can sit at The Point without hearing any traffic and just relax. You can’t even see The Point or Gateway but it is all the way down on the horizon on the right.

Now the best part of today will be at 11:20 PM when I win the Lotto and/or Powerball and/or Fantasy 5 but then again if not this week then next week–this is not an ‘if’ but a when!!!

For video go to youtu/be/jEht2Jx62U


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Travel To South America Part 13 A Good Thing Comes To A Bad Ending   Leave a comment

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It is apropos that this is part 13 of this travel series because talk about bad luck! I have ZERO recollection of going to the airport, flying to Guatemala and then to Mexico City where it seems I had a day’s layover before I continued on to Acapulco. I was really looking forward to this stop and then Puerto Vallarta as the latter became famous when Richard Burton and Ava Gardner filmed the movie “Night of the Iguana” and Liz Taylor, at that time married to Burton, didn’t quite trust him or Ava and came to stay for the whole production and it made world headlines. Hey I was a Gardner and Taylor fan and just thought how lucky Burton was!

I, vaguely, remember going to a square in Acapulco, going to a gay bar by taxi but most of all I remember standing on the balcony of my hotel with such a blinding headache that I wanted to jump off just to stop it.

I know with today’s precautions I probably couldn’t have done it but I still don’t know how I packed my bags, changed my plane reservations—did I skip my flights to Puerto Vallarta and Mexico city?–went through customs in Dallas and woke up in the Baptist Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, after being there for 2 days.

I had all my belongings with me including the gifts I had bought for everyone in the office and my notes which had stopped my last day in Caracas. Bernie said all he knew was that he got a call from Baptist hospital saying that I was a patient there and he was my emergency contact. The final diagnosis was that I had an ‘unknown virus’. Obviously a lot of scotch doesn’t kill germs. The doctor said it could have been from the water, food or a hundred other things but it was all cleared up now.

For some reason, unfairly, I blamed the whole Iguassu Falls section of the trip.

I never did get back to see Puerto Vallarta or Mexico City and I did shy away from that part of the world but it certainly didn’t stop me from traveling though I, more or less, confined my traveling to the USA as my past posts told about traveling all over the States during that July 15-August 15 period.

For what it is worth I did make up a trip, and got prices, to return to New Zealand and Australia in 2003 which included going to the Sidney, Australia, Mardi Gras on March 4–maybe someday when, not if, I win the lotto!

Sadly there was one more negative reminder of that summer of 1973. As Bernie was driving me home from the hospital he told me that one of our friends, who also worked for us, came home one day to find that her husband had committed suicide, leaving her with 2 small children and that she was still in shock.

Life goes on and a few years later she remarried and, hopefully, lived happily ever after. I did try to find her on face book but I don’t remember her what her married name was.

I started to make my 1974 plans to drive up to Denver, fly to Vancouver and then drive across Canada but that too would have to be changed.

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