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Please DON’T do what I did and that was to buy the birds first and then read up on them. One of the biggest mistakes I made was getting two budgies as they had each other and didn’t need me so I didn’t become part of their ‘flock!’ I missed out on a lot because I bought Butch and Sky as a pair so I wouldn’t be bothered by them too much. It took a long time before they interacted with me though they both did learn ‘step up’, meaning to get on a perch/finger which is important for all pet birds to learn.

First let me tell you birds are very easy to take care of starting with their cages. I would line the floor with 7 layers of paper every Sunday so all I had to do every morning was pick up the top layer and they had a clean floor. Once a month I would take the cage(s) downstairs, hose them down plus clean the perches. They were not high maintenance at all! Yes poop was a problem though I have heard that some people trained their birds to poop I specific spots but I didn’t. When I let them out of their cage I draped a towel over my shoulders but I should have added a shower cap on my head!

I had no trouble converting them to pellets so I really didn’t have the mess of bird seeds all over the place. I would occasionally give them seeds as a treat but not enough to dirty the floor..

One of the first things I learned was that it was easy to tell the differences between the sexes on most birds. In the case of budgies the males had a blue cere–that is right above the beak–while the female had a brown cere. The male Zebra Finch as an orange patch on each check while the female doesn’t. In the cockatiels the males have a bright orange patch on their cheeks while the female’s is duller and they have bars under their wings and spots under their wings but both are hard to see.

Sorry ladies but in the bird world the males are the more colorful ones–just look at the peacocks!

One of the many benefits of having a bird as a pet was that I met Jill on line and she lives in Fort Lauderdale. We became friends and she once surprised me by giving me a cockatiel. Also in the previous post if you look at the part 1 slideshow the eggs hatching were her budgies and she gave me 2 of them! In both part 1 and part 2 you will see a picture of her green neck conure Andie that I took care of for awhile and though it took a bit for her to warm up to me she finally did.

I did learn one lesson very quickly regarding finches–they are worse than rabbits!! I started out with two and before I knew it I had 21. I quickly separated the males and females into their own cages.

Another bird you see in the slideshows was an African Grey Parrot whose owner had to go into the hospital for a couple of weeks so I took care of it. It was then I learned that birds can lay infertile eggs without any males present, sit on them and after a couple days they would ignore them. They can cause problems for the bird if they do it too often.

All in all having birds was a smart move on my part–they really are great pets to have and will interact with you as any other animal would. It’s been a couple of years now since I have had to give them up and I miss them!

I have kept one cage—just in case! :O)

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