I don’t remember the first time I ever grew a sweet potato vine but I seem to recall it as an experiment in the early years of public school. I have done it many times since as they grow beautiful vines and all you have to do is stick three toothpicks on the top part and put it in a glass of water.

About 10 years ago I took an avocado pit, basically did the same thing and just awhile later I planted it in the ground here at Gateway (see photo above).

About a little over a year ago someone—sorry, I don’t remember who–mentioned about growing celery just by putting the base of store bought celery in a saucer of water. Before I knew it I was growing celery, Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, onions and any other produce I brought home from the supermarket, not only having fun doing it but saving money.

It is really very easy to do and it takes about 5 minutes to ‘grow a garden’ in your kitchen and doesn’t take very long to get results.

I found, in the case of the lettuce, the outside leaves of the original base turn brown but inside they are all green and fresh tasting.

All in all it is as simple as growing herbs and spices on your window sill! Enjoy!

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