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I do not want to know what’s behind the magic on the stage of the theatre. I do not want to meet the actors off stage out of their roles. I want to believe it is all real, it is all happening.

In the new slide show below the second photo shows Cinderella (Paige Faure) in rags and in the sixth slide we see her and the Fairy Godmother (Kecia Lewis) who just a minute before was Marie, a beggar, also dressed in rags. Without leaving the stage they just twirl around and before your eyes they go from being dressed in rags to Cinderella dressed in a white ball gown with a tiara on her head and Marie in a gown in all shades of purple fit for a Fairy Godmother. A little bit later Cinderella, once again in tattered clothes, with a few twirls emerges into a gold gown off to catch her Prince (Andy Jones) so they can waltz, sing and, of course, kiss.

In my review I talk about that and the scene, on stage, where a pumpkin is turned into a carriage and 4 mice into glittering horses while a fox and a raccoon are turned into footmen who do acrobatic dancing and mirror each other in their motions.

Now this is not a movie with special effects being done in front of a green screen. This happens on stage in front of 2,000 people consisting of many children and the adults are in awe just as the kids are.

A part of me, the adult, wants to know how this is all done but the kid in me would rather not. Every time I go to the theatre I look for magic and I don’t want to know the wizard of Oz is a human being like us mere mortals!

The following photos, including the one on top, were all taken by Carol Rosegg for the touring company of “Cinderella”.



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