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I WILL NEVER EAT AGAIN—HA   Leave a comment

Was it only a couple of days ago we spent Thanksgiving Day afternoon at the Isle Casino? Seems like weeks ago!

Allen and Philip picked me up at 1 PM and off we went to the casino. I was very surprised when we got to the buffet restaurant as last year we had to wait almost 2 hours and this year we went right in! Didn’t even have time to lose money before we went it.

You might want to look at the slideshow as you read this–can you do both at the same time?–but I think you will know what I am referring to here as you look at the pictures.

Pictures 1, 2, 4, 10 and 11 are pictures of the buffet, people, food and slot machines. When I was taking picture #3 the chef jumped in front with a big smile so how could I tell him to get out of the way of the food?!

Pictures 5 and 6 are of some of the foods I remember eating: 3 different kinds of pizza, chicken wings, prime ribs, bbq ribs, fried shrimp, pork, rice, seafood salad, more ribs, etc. I didn’t have any of the turkey and trimmings because I had a turkey and trimmings cooking in my crockpot at home for the rest of the week!

Picture 7 is of some of the desserts they have and if you look at picture 8, right side, you will see a plate missing and now if you look at picture 9 on the right you will see the missing plate–it’s a slice of carrot cake sitting in front of me!!! Isn’t that amazing/surprising? Oh yes, there are a few of the other desserts I had plus I forgot to take a picture of the ice cream.

The important picture is number 12–that is the machine I played and penny machine or not I walked out with $7.60, including my meal paid for, ahead for the day!

All in all it was a nice pleasant way to spend Thanksgiving Day. Why don’t you join us next year?


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Walking into The Theory of Everything I knew very little about Stephen Hawking. I knew he was some sort of genius and that he was severely handicap who was incapable of  normal speaking. I had seen him in a walk on in The Big Bang Theory. Two hours and three minutes later I knew a lot more about Hawking and will share only a little with you so that if you know as little as I did you can make the discoveries along the way as I did.

I can tell you the movie is based on Jane Hawking’s memoir, Traveling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen who met him just before he was diagnosed with a motor disorder that would paralyze and effect most of his body except for his brain.  Oh yes, he was given 2 years to die at the age of 21. It is not a spoiler to tell you Mr. Hawking is still alive now at the age of 72. He is a cosmologist who produced a book, A Brief History of Time, that sold 10 million copies.

Though there are some brief science and health related scenes that I couldn’t follow The Theory of Everything is a love story between a man and woman who went through 25 years of marriage with a lot more to face than the challenges that marriage brings.

Starting with the first meeting between Stephen and Jane you have no doubt that this is a true story because of the chemistry and the acting of  Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, both giving award nominating performances. With David Thewlis as Stephen’s tutor and mentor, Charlie Cox as a choirmaster, Maxine Peak as a nurse/speech therapist along with a strong supporting cast as classmates, family and peers there is no faulting the acting.

The screenplay by Anthony McCarten rings true except for one Hollywoodish, sappy line ‘Where there is life, there is hope’ which is the only false note and I was surprised that director James Marsh who makes an intelligent, feeling movie and, with the actors, makes the love story real, allowed that line.  The music for the film by Johann Johansson is very effective in the sense it doesn’t take you out of the movie at any time.

The Theory Of Everything  doesn’t have the star power that A Beautiful Mind had but if you liked that film you will love this one.

An aside: at one point Stephen Hawking asks, ‘What if the secret of the universe had to do with sex?’ and I want to tell him that I found out the answer a long time ago!

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Thank You

As I approach my 79th birthday I have spent a lot of time this past year thanking people just by thinking of them but as today is Thanksgiving Day I would like to say it aloud.

I want to thank everyone who has touched me life in ways both good and bad because it has taken all of you people to make me the happy, contented man I am today.

Over the years I have lost touch with many not knowing where they have gone or even if they are still alive but alive or dead I remember them.

There are certain people I have met on the Internet from Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Tennessee, North Carolina, New England Spain and England, just to mention a few places, who have come into my life and made it so much better.

There are my ‘old’ friends—don’t worry I remember you as you were/looked the day we met–in New York, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, California and, yes, even here in Florida.

Every year death robs me of friends but I see them as guardian angels ready to slap me on the back of my head when I am about to do something wrong and I keep them busy!

To all of you who read this THANK YOU for being you, THANK YOU for being there for me, THANK YOU for being in my life and helping me to be thankful for my life.


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In 1991 the Broward Performing Arts Center opened in Fort Lauderdale with the first touring company of Phantom of the Opera and last night, 23 years later, 28 years after it opened in London, 26 years after it opened on Broadway, and still running in both cities, the touring company has returned to the Arts Center in a somewhat reimagined production.

The main changes are in the set designed by Paul Brown, the lighting design by Paul Constable and the choreography by Scott Ambler. The latter is most notable in the Masquerade number with over 30 members of the cast. There are 52 people between the cast and orchestra making this a full production directed by Laurence Connor. The set design is a huge cylindrical wall that moves, turns, opens, closes and, almost magically, grows steps for the Phantom and Christine to walk down so they can go to his living quarters.

With all the changes it would not be a show without the story of the triangle between the Phantom (Cooper Grodin), Raoul (Ben Jacoby) and Christine (Julia Udine). The three leads are younger than in most previous casts which brings another dimension to the musical. Grodin tenor resonates in the title tune and The Music of the Night” while Udine’s crystal clear soprano voice soars Wishing You Were Somehow Herealon
g with her duets with both men. Jacoby makes All I Ask Of You powerful but at the same time not overpowering Udine. The one critical mistake is that there is no chemistry between the three leads which takes away from the love stories.

A standout in the cast is Jacquelynne Fontaine as the opera diva Carlotta. Also giving strong support are Anne Kanengeiser as Madame Giry, Brad Oscar as Monsieur Firmin and Edward Staudenmayer as Monsieur Andre. The rest of the large cast and ensemble are of top caliber.

Oh yes, the chandelier is still there in all its glory

One note: the theatrical smoke and pyrotechnical effects are very heavy and infiltrate the orchestral level of the Center. At one point I was concerned for the musicians and cast because they were so heavy.

Running time: Act 1 An hour and 10 minutes Intermission 25 minutes Act 2 An hour.


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Horror scenes? Check. Vulgar language? Check. Sexual things? Check. Sexual innuendos? Check. Blood? Check? Violence? Check. Irrational actions? Check. Welcome to the world of movie horror fans, male teenagers, young male adults and their dates.

Evil Dead-The Musical is a take off, pure camp mixed with satire, of the Evil Dead movie franchise with a little Rocky Horror Show salute thrown in with the dance number Do the Necronomicon. The actors not only chew the scenery but swallow it and then spit it up in the form of blood. I am not a fan of the horror genre but I found myself laughing out loud at some really corny jokes and actions, hoping no one I knew saw me–it is that kind of show for older folks. The young ones sit in what is known as the splatter zone and love every bit of blood that gets on them.

The lyrics by George Reinblatt, who also wrote the book, and music by Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris and Reinblatt are more than you would expect and in some cases are enhanced by some excellent choreography by Stacey Renee Maroske with a couple of numbers stopping the show.
Callie Johnson and Ryan McBride playing dual roles seem to be having as much fun as the audience. David Sajewich, in the lead role as Ash, sings, dances, acts, plays broad comedy, cuts off his hand, saws off his girlfriend’s head, handles a shotgun and gets into physical fights not only looks the role but makes everything seem like he does all this in real life naturally. Aiding and abetting the actors mentioned are Julie Baird, Demi Zaino, Creg Sclavi, Ryan Czerwonko, Jessica Kingsdale along with Andrew Di Rosa, as Jake, who almost steals the show with the song Good Old Reliable Jake.

All you have to know is that 5 friends are going to a cabin for the weekend for fun and games and there is only one road going to and from the cabin and they are surrounded by woods. Oh yes there is the evil book, the Necronomicon.

There were, obviously, many fans of the musical in addition to horror movies but even if you aren’t one of the latter don’t worry when and where you laugh because others will be laughing too.

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Not having read “The Hunger Games” trilogy but having seen the first two movies I feel the last book was made into two parts just to make another billion dollars. You can skip “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” without missing anything.

It seems the main story behind Part 1 is to make Katniss a ‘product’ to sell the idea of overthrowing President Snow to the remaining citizens of District 13 and making her the face of the revolution. There are two ‘action’ scenes, one being Katniss trying to take down a plane with her bow and arrow and another a rescue mission but the rest is a lot of talk and huge TV screens for the president and the leader of the uprising to give speeches.

Jennifer Lawrence, as always, has an interesting face to watch as it says a lot. Liam Hemsworth is given more screen time while Josh Hutcherson a lot less. Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci and Jeffry Wright do good with what little screen time they get. The standout here is Elizabeth here who has to do a lot when style, glamour and color are not available to her. Philip Seymour Hoffman died during the production and his role is pieced together which instead of honoring the man in his last film role diminishes his effectiv

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WHY DO ABUSED WOMEN STAY?   Leave a comment

I am reading Anjelica Houston’s new autobiography “Watch Me” in which she talks about her 17 year affair with Jack Nicholson and how he humiliated her and also about her violent relationship with Ryan O’Neal. It got me thinking about a subject men know very little about though we are hearing more of their being on the receiving end of being battered and I find it very hard to understand how a woman can stay with a man after the first time he humiliates her, hits her, controls her.

Huston, Judy Garland, Lana Turner and Jane Fonda are just a few of the famous women who stayed with demanding, hostile men, some who beat them. Okay Huston and Fonda had strong, famous rich fathers who, supposedly didn’t love them and there are many psychological reasons why women stay in abusive relationships but these women had money, were smart, had careers. While with many female singers like Billie Holiday, Anita O’Day there was drugs involved I would dare to say most women aren’t drug dependent but I don’t know.

In many cases there were/are children involved such as the case of Lana Turner and her abuser Johnny Stampanato who was killed by, some say Lana’s daughter while others say the daughter was a cover up for Lana having killed him.

I am basically talking about famous women of the past but we all know of current cases. They were famous and rich but still didn’t leave. Why not?

Right now there is a case in Florida against Catherine Pileggi for murdering her boyfriend, Ronald Vinci, in 2011 after 20 years of abuse.

I have heard many excuses for a woman staying with an abuser such as no money, fear, lack of self esteem, he is the only one who loves her, they know their abuser and don’t know what will happen if they leave, etc.

Are these reasons valid? How do we show these women there is a better way? That they have to get out? How do we reinforce their esteem to take that first step? How do we save them from getting killed or their men going on to abuse the children?

I am just asking about something I know little about.

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