The complete trademark title of the dance company is Diavolo: Architecture in Motion they certainly are in motion, many times in jaw dropping motion. The dancers are also acrobats and athletes of the highest order. Sometimes watching their feats (and feet) on stage you momentarily wonder how many injuries they suffer during rehearsals and performances.

The 10 dancers in alphabetical order are: Ana Carolina Brotons, Leandro Damasco Jr., Cal T. Chester, Ezra Masse-Mahar, Chelsea Pierce, Jesse Ryan, Connor Senning, Amy Tuley, Rico Velazquez and Chisa Yamaguchi each getting and deserving their time in the spotlight whether alone or in duets or as part of a precision troupe where each is called on to secure the safety of the other.

The evening is made up of 2 dances, the first called Transit Space which uses skateboard ramps for an urban setting of people looking for connections and the second called Trajectoire which consists of an oval platform in constant motion controlled by the dancers. The teamwork in both numbers will make you hold your breath in their solidarity and flawless performances.

Every aspect of the production values aid the dancers in accomplishing showing them at their best and almost unbelievable movements and moments.

The Diavolo Dance Company brings the modern dance of tomorrow to the stage of today and, deservedly, gets a standing ovation from the audience.

The company has scheduled performances all over the United States including West Palm Beach on Friday.

The complete program, including intermission, runs 1 hour and 30 minutes. For more information regarding the  company, and their future schedule, go to http://www.diavolo.org


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