It’s all over! Well until next year! For some people it isn’t over until Monday January 5 when they take the tree down but for all practical purposes Christmas is done. It would be nice if the feelings lasted and were shared all year but that isn’t the way it works. The attitude of the salesperson who will handle the gift you brought back to exchange will be completely different then when she sold it!

For those who save the wrapping paper and ribbons it is time to fold them, roll them and put them away. All the pots, pans and dishes you use for only this time of the year go back into storage. Today you have to think about that person who sent you a gift that you didn’t get one and then there are the Christmas cards and the lists taking off those who didn’t send you one this year and adding the new ones who did.

It’s time to start cleaning up the mess every holiday brings plus what you neglected the past two weeks because you were too busy to get to them. You certainly have to clean and straighten out the freezer plus the refrigerator unless you have a male teenager at home and then you have nothing left to store.

And, yes, you have to write those thank you cards though nobody but you still do that. Along with everything else you have to undo all the spoiling the grandparents did regarding your kids or if you are the grandparents you have to rest up from all the energy you expanded trying to keep up with the grandkids.

Also there are all those after Christmas sales that you planned on to buy the few things you want/need that you knew you wouldn’t or didn’t get but do you really want to fight the almost bigger mobs going to the malls, the stores for the few things they wanted or wanted to return?

With all that you are so glad you are old because you know you don’t have to bother with New Year’s Eve! It’s for the young kids, the young couples, the ones who won’t fall asleep before the Ball on television will drop to start 2015. When did you stop celebrating New Year’s Eve? When did you first utter that you didn’t want to go out with all the drunks that would be driving? When did you decide that staying at home on December 31st was better than fighting the restaurants and bars that would be crowded and noisy?

You look around and for a few minutes the house/apartment is quiet and it is as if the whole world is recovering from Christmas, Hanukkah and though Kwanzaa starts today it really hasn’t become that entrenched in American tradition to become a ’headache’ like the other holidays do.

For some reason you will find yourself smiling for no reason–just because it is ’that time of the year’–and you sigh thinking how fast time is going and wonder how soon the stores will start with their ’Christmas is coming’ ads, displays and Christmas music will be blaring out of speakers wherever you go and then there is that smile again. You really can’t wait!

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