For a restaurant that has been opened 6 months it has a smooth operation, excellent service and a manager who listens. That’s the good part and the bad part is that what we had wasn’t THAT good.

I did want to try the 4 different kind of meatballs they had on the menu but the closest they could come would be ordering sliders with 3 different balls and that’s not a main course to me. I made a mistake by waiting to speak to Steve the manager after I had ordered and he was most accommodating but at that point my food came out so I left it as it was. He did say they were working on a new menu.

Patrick, our server, did a great job. I took one of his suggestions which was the Sicilian F&B sandwich ($11) served on Italian bread and had beef balls, tomato sauce, mozzarella, sweet and hot peppers and a simple arugula salad on the side. None of the flavors stood out, including the meatball and the bread was too thick .
Allen ordered the classic beef balls and penne with tomato sauce ($13) but when served it had spaghetti. Allen immediately said something and they (It wasn’t Patrick) were willing to change it but he ate it. When I asked how it was he said “Nothing special. Just spaghetti and meatballs.”

I should be use to it by now but paying $3 for a cup of regular coffee and $2.95 for a diet coke just ‘gets me’! Okay we are on Las Olas Blvd so we were paying for that.
One thing I did appreciate was that Patrick asked if we wanted refills he brought fresh ones.

We ordered a fried bread pudding ($6)–it has no resemblance to bread pudding and could easily pass for French toast, even with a scoop of ice cream on top of it. Hopefully that will be rethought with the new menu.

The reason we choose to eat here was that the day before I had received a 2-4-1 flyer, I liked the concept and hesitating because of parking on or around Las Olas could be a hassle when we got there it wasn’t a problem. They had a pay parking lot behind them that was almost fill but being lunchtime we were surprised that we got a spot right away.

The total check minus the lower entree plus tax came to $26.45 and we left a $8 tip.
The high top tables are roomy while the booths are fairly private as they have high backs and the restaurant itself is has a variety of lighting adding interest to the room.

Would/will we go back? Maybe when they come out with the new menu hopefully with some new interesting items and giving some zip to the balls—and, yes, having the 2-4-1 flyer so the lunch prices are reasonable. Oh yes, the menu is a place mat which is taken after you give your order. They should rethink that.

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