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First a little background–I have been dieting all my life–I lost 100+ pounds in 1967–kept it off until 2009 when slowly, but surely, regained 30 pounds which I have been fighting since. I was involved with Weight Watchers for 8 years and then owned Our Weigh for 5 years. There isn’t a diet you can name that I haven’t been on and, yes, lost weight, including the ice cream diet. Losing weight is the easy part, keeping the weight off is the real hard part.

Folks I know all the excuses, I know all the hard work, I know all about dieting and the one thing I will bet everything on is that there will be a lot and I mean A LOT of posts from people about going on ‘a diet, exercising, leading a healthier life style’ and every day, at least for the first week, they will post how great they are doing and what they are doing. By the third week there will be a little moaning and groaning and by February not a word about dieting, exercising and/or changing a lifestyle.

Of course January 1 is a Thursday so you can’t start your diet then. We all know you start a diet on Monday! How about shaking things up and enjoy your New Year’s Eve and Day and start that diet on the January 3rd?

I am willing to help as much as I can as Part 2 will show you BUT I am a hard master–NO EXCUSES! You go off the diet take responsibility and start over.

If you want extra help just email me at

Part 2 I will give you some good advice to get started and keep on the right track.


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