DON’T TALK ABOUT IT–JUST DO IT! PART 2   Leave a comment

I am just throwing out these ideas to help you get rid of weight. Did you see that difference?

1) When you lose something you look for it–don’t lose weight–get rid of it! Say I got rid of 2 pounds not I lost 2 pounds. Silly? It’s all in the head but unfortunately the fat is on the body.

2) Keep a food chart. Write down EVERYTHING you eat not ‘some nuts’ but exactly how many.

3) Regarding above get a good book to help you keep count such as “Food Counts” sold in drugstores. Yes you can get calories counts on the Internet but let’s go to step

4) Get a postage scale and weigh your foods when at home. Make a chart (or if you want one I will send you the one I made up a few years ago) and keep counts of: calories, cholesterol, sodium, protein, carbs, fiber, saturated fat, fat. Check any package, can or jar and make sure you get the amounts PER serving. (I never have figured out how a can of soup can serve 4 people!)

5) Weigh ONCE a week–same time–same scale–and NOT nude–same clothes. At the same time take your measurements, especially women as they will have weeks where they don’t lose weight but do lose inches.

6) You didn’t put the weight on overnight so don’t expect to take it off overnight. You don’t want to hear this but a weight loss of 1-1 ½ pounds week is great. 2015 will come to an end and you could be 52-78 pounds thinner or end the year fatter than you started it.

7) This is a tough one! Wear your tight clothes. Ladies, no kaftans, men stick your shirt in your trousers. No gimmicks trying to ‘hide’ your fat. You’re not but wearing the tight clothes, the tight belts, will feel better as you get rid of pounds.

8) There are lots of things you should do and maybe they will work for you–they didn’t/don’t work for me–like drink water before a meal, put your utensil down in-between bites (THAT IS A HARD ONE!), eat like a thin person, eat sitting down and don’t watch TV or read a book or be on the Internet when eating.

9) Be realistic–you know a medium apple from the apple you eat–always the biggest one. You won’t eat 10 nuts then don’t open the jar, don’t bring it home. You can eat out but stay away from buffets or all you can eat places.

Want more ideas? Hints? Let me know.


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