“THEY” ARE OUT TO GET ME!   5 comments

Nobody can tell me otherwise–IT IS A CONSPIRACY! In November I did a post about being diagnosed with diabetes2 and two weeks later my friends Terry and Chuck sent me 25 assorted brownies from Zest of Memphis who make the best brownies! Okay they are my heirs and maybe they want to get rid of me to get their inheritance sooner but I told them I have already spent their inheritance.

It seems the supermarket I shop at heard about the diagnosis because they have been having sales on all kinds and shapes of carrot cakes since. I am going to have to put on blinders before I go into the store because they are right in front as you enter and turn right!

Then I thought I had a no Christmas gift exchange pact with someone but then I got a HUGE package of all kinds–name it and it was in the box–of dried fruits which are loaded with sugar and four packages of different kinds of nuts. Now nuts are healthy for you but 10 at a time, not a package at a time or eating all four packages at one time! They will remain nameless but they know who they are!

I love where I live. It is a senior citizen community with a lot more women then men and even though I am gay and it is known at this time of the year they all do baking. Who do you think get most of the cookies and cakes? Right! The men! My neighbor across the way makes miniature pound cakes and the neighbor downstairs bakes a cake and always gives me a big chuck. All kinds of cookies are left in bags on the door knobs of my back and front door. I LOVE IT but I have to start behaving myself because after the first of the year I have to go in for sugar levels!

Meanwhile I have to get rid of all the cookies. NO! Throwing them out would be a sin and not eating them will be an insult to all the ladies who slaved over a hot oven just for me. (Well and a hundred other guys!) I have to get serious about this diabetes thing–tomorrow.

Oh wait! More! Allen bought me a carrot cake! Is he in cahoots with Chuck and Terry for my money? And then I got a catalog from North Carolina for—are you ready for this?–VALENTINE COOKIES!!! People haven’t gotten rid of their Christmas trees and I’m getting Valentine cookie catalog! It is a conspiracy friends!


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5 responses to ““THEY” ARE OUT TO GET ME!

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  1. And this surprises you how exactly? the brownies sound great.

  2. Yep a conspiracy funded by drug companies and funeral homes. Keep the balance dude, keep the balance

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