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Have I seen too many movies in 74 years? Am I too jaded? Are my reviews too negative? I really want to say yes to those questions but then I go to the movies and see “The Imitation Game” and I feel it is the first movie I have seen filling my with awe and wonder.

I’ll go see “Belle” and be mesmerized by the film but even more so by the actress, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, playing the title role only to see her in a few months in a new film “Beyond The Lights” and once again mesmerized by here but in this case because the role of Noni Jean is the complete opposite of Bell in every way.

A movie will come along called “Whiplash” about drumming and I shake my head but go anyway and sit stunned by the performances of Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons and now I am shaking my head at the intensity of their performances.

I’ll walk in to see a young adult film called “The Fault In Our Stars” to find myself forgetting everything and everyone around me becoming engrossed in what is basically a ‘tear jerker’ but raised about that level by the acting of the young actors Shailene Woodley and Anser Elgort.

Another time I will see “Foxcatcher” and “Birdman” and question how I could have been pulled in by word of mouth. Okay the former had excellent acting by Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo but I didn’t see how this could be a ‘life changing role’ for Steve Carell who played the whole film in a monotone. As far as Birdman maybe it was too above my head to understand.

One day I will walk out of a film like “Boyhood” not knowing whether I liked it or not, thinking maybe you had to be a parent to be moved by it, and then the next time I’ll thoroughly enjoy a movie called “Chef” or a trifle like “The Hundred Foot Journey”. I will get caught up in “Gone Girl” as I will in “Love Is Strange” and finally like a film Bill Murray is in called “St. Vincent” which also shows how a subdued Melissa McCarthy can be effective.

By the same token I will ask myself how did I sit through “The Drop” and why didn’t I walk out of “X Man: Days Of Future Past”?

Just as I am ready to give up on movies I’ll see “The Theory Of Everything” and realize that I may sit through many long, boring, unsatisfying movies I will come across 4 or 5 that will keep me coming back.


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  1. I enjoy your movie reviews. I keep adding the good ones to my list of movies I will see someday

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