Most people who know me know that Mother Nature constantly takes me by surprise. I was over at John’s apartment and when I left I decided to visit the garden his neighbor Bill had planted and which people had added items.

I walked over to mainly take some pictures of the blooming hibiscus plant. When I go there I saw a movement in the bush and it took a minute or two for me to see the bluebird hidden in there. I tried to get a clear picture of him and as I walked around he would just jump around in the density of the bush.

What surprised me was that he didn’t fly off which made me think maybe it was a female. I looked around for a nest but didn’t see any and then I thought the bird might be hurt but it seemed to hop from twig to twig without any problem. His/her claws and feathers all seemed to be okay so I thought a neighbor might be feeding the bird and that’s why he/she was hanging around.

As I left, a neighbor, sitting out side, asked if I saw the cat and I hadn’t. He was just sitting there under the hibiscus very nonchalantly seeming oblivious to the bird ‘playing’ in the bush above but with a cat you know better. The cat is a Gateway cat and, from what someone had said previously to me, I think it is blind.

As I walked away I wonder if the bird and cat were aware of each other? What do you think?

Look hard at pictures 6 and 7–in 7 the lower right–for the bird.