I don’t know how many dogs there are at Gateway where I live but I have about 50 different dog pictures!

Every afternoon when the folks come to relax at THE POINT they will always bring a few dogs with them. You can always depend on Biscuit or Champagne and, if you are lucky, Kiki and/or her brother Meatball, just to name four of them.

Though THE POINT is not officially a dog park, and dogs must be on a leash all the time, somehow or other they get around to interact with each other for the enjoyment of the humans and if dogs playing with each other don’t put a smile on your face what can?

THE POINT has everything: Karen Bay, yachts, blue water, people canoeing, kayaking, on paddleboards, others fishing, birds, dogs, seniors and 350 days of perfect to sit out there and enjoy it all.

Come on and join us at THE POINT!