A full moon February 3 2015
Most of my life is spent watching Mother Nature. She can be calm or destructive but even in her fury there is a beauty before the final results. She creates colors that no artist can truly duplicate because the colors are constantly changing.

Her beauty and destruction can come together as when we have a full moon. The moon effects the tides and many times will flood our Point, the roads and grounds that are unable to soak up the excess water because the land under us is mainly coral. You don’t really see all this during the night. What you see is a round ball seemingly floating in the sky sometimes passing through clouds but most times surrounded by stars.

I am very lucky that I can see the moon through my living room window as it passes from the north to the south to the east. I can see the reflection of the moon in the canal waters from my southern windows and sometimes I will turn the lights out and it a magical feeling looking out into the dark that really isn’t dark as the moon lights up the water and the trees and the grass surrounding my building.

I don’t know how many full moons I have seen in my lifetime but they are never dull!