The show will be on ABC on Sunday, February 22, 2014 with a 2 hour pre- show then at 8:30 PM until who knows when Neil Patrick Harris will emcee the 87th Award show.

I have seen all 8 of the Best Picture nominations and I find that easier a category to pick a winner than in categories where actors ‘compete’. I really think competition would be if each actor played the roles of the other 4 but this doesn’t happen. When it comes to Best Picture I pick the one that moved me the most, held my interest the most and the one I would gladly sit through again—and again!

Right up front let me say I usually DON’T pick the winners though in the case of Charlize Theron, in “Monster” I declared I would never go to the movies if she didn’t win! Whew! She did. The same with Jennifer Hudson’s debut on film in “Dreamgirls” which, to me, equaled Barbra Streisand’s debut on film as far as impact went.

I am definitely rooting for Julianne Moore as in “Still Alice” she becomes Alice, a very successful linguistics professor, wife and mother with early onset Alzheimer’s.

My biggest disappointment would be if J.K. Simmons doesn’t win for his performance in “Whiplash” which will stay with you long after you see the movie.

When it comes to Best Actor I wouldn’t mind a tie between Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne or even Bradley Cooper but I don’t think either Steve Carell or Michael Keaton deserve it.

I think Patricia Arquette will walk off with the statue for Supporting Actress though I don’t care as long as Streep doesn’t get it.

Okay, as far as Best Picture goes I must admit I didn’t like one of the favorites “Birdman” and, another, “Boyhood”, still has me puzzled months later. Though I enjoyed it I felt someone who was a parent would get more out of it than I did. The movie that involved ME the most and held my attention every minute was “Whiplash” and I want it to win.

Last, but not least, are the nominated Directors. I think both Alejandro G. Inarritu for “Birdman” and Richard Linklater for “Boyhood” have different gimmicks going for them that does enhance their films. It would be a big upset for Morten Tyldum to win for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” but I think Linklater will get it.

All I know is that I am expecting a hell of an Oscar show from Neil Patrick Harris!!