Now that the cold spell of the past week has passed and we are back in the higher 70s, lower 80s,  I don’t care what any one says–I survived it! LOL

We broke or equaled low temperature records in South Florida. I know a lot of you have no empathy and/or sympathy for us but what about the poor tourist who is from your town and is spending $600? Oh right, ‘At least it is warmer here than there.’

For the record on both Thursday and Friday I didn’t even think of shorts, flip-flops and a short sleeve shirt.

The first thing I did on Thursday was to light 2 chocolate aroma candles and then the ’runway show’ started. What to wear? I tried on an old London Fog all weather coat that I haven’t worn since I left Memphis–in 1979! Okay it still fits comfortably which is a good thing to know! Then I tried on a cashmere sports coat that I last wore in New York in 1985. Then there was my suede jacket that I usually pull out once a year or, of course, my chocolate sweat shirt.

On Thursday I wore a shirt under a long sleeved heavy blue shirt while on Friday it was a shirt and that sweat shirt. You know it was cold–for us. And both days trousers, socks and shoes!

Okay to my freezing friends in Memphis, in North Carolina, New York, Philadelphia, etc., I will not talk about the cold the rest of this month!


Posted February 22, 2015 by greatmartin in LIFE, WEATHER

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One response to “THE COLD SPELL IS OVER!

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  1. Nice and warm now Luv? Your Memphis Belle found a new blog, you should come visit me (at the blog, not at home, it’s too cold for your warm blood here)

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