Many people heard of and saw Fort Lauderdale and Spring Break for the first time when they saw a film “Where The Boys Are” in 1960 and the title song sung by Connie Frances who at the time was one of the biggest American recording stars. In 2010 she came to Fort Lauderdale to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie appearing with 6 ‘hunks’ (who she didn’t know were gay!)

The movie, though mainly a comedy, was a look at the eternal mating games of young men and women with the former thinking they were using never tried before tricks though there was nothing new in their approaches though the latter knowingly fell for them.

Underlying the movie was a more serious story about date rape that seemed ahead of its time then but is still very relevant today.

The cast was made up of a young Hollywood with Connie Francis and Paula Prentiss making their film debuts and George Hamilton, Yvette Mimicux,  Jim Hutton, Frank Gorshin and Dolores Hart. (The latter would become a nun a few years later.)

The film was a big hit, as was the song, and I watch it once in awhile to see the old Fort Lauderdale that I remember. Ironically many scenes were filmed in one of the most famous gay hotel on the beach which is no longer in existence. I was living on Miami Beach back then and coming to Fort Lauderdale was like coming to the country!

The Gateway Theatre mentioned is the one I still go practically every week!

Here is a look at the 50th anniversary–she starts singing at 5:49 or see and hear her 50 years ago by looking at the film.

The film. (OMG! I was 24 back then!)

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3 responses to “WHERE THE BOYS ARE–STILL

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  1. I remember seeing the 1984(?) re-make of this film which had Lorna Luft. So bad in a fun way. lol. I wanna see the original now. Any idea where I can find the film?

  2. took you back to the day, huh?

  3. Reminds me of my childhood, my mother used to love singing ANYTHING………..

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