1) Did you know that people who take a multitude of selfies are psychotic and narcissist? (hey, don’t look at me!)

2) Not many comments on my music posts but I enjoy doing them and listening to the ‘old’ times and songs.

3) Do you return to other people’s posts to see if they responded to you?

4) Regarding the movie “2 Days, 1 Night” would YOU give up a $1,000 bonus to save someone’s job? Should I believe you?

5) Have you see the ANDROID commercial with all the animal pairs getting along? I love it.

6) I don’t know whether I am proud or mad at myself but I didn’t buy any chocolates on sale after Valentine’s Day and even now when some are almost being given away!

7) May sound too far in advance but I am making plans for my 20th Leap Year birthday on Monday, February 29, 2016. The day before will be the Oscars and the day after will be the opening of “Kinky Boots” touring company. If you are coming check out http://thevictoriaparkhotel.com/  near the galleria Mall, a mile from the beach, near lots of restaurants including Big Louie’s and the Café Vico where I am talking to Marco about having my birthday dinner.

8) Do you ever use tags to find posts? Does it ever work?

9) Whether you love or hate or don’t know about him, Frank Sinatra, who would be 100 years old if he were alive today, there is a 4 hour documentary about his life on HBO next month. I suggest you look at it.

10) Why are bitter, negative people so physically ill?

11) I am really amazed at what a contented man I am. Yes I get angry now and then but I have learned to write it down, tear it up and forget it.

12) Have a great week and don’t forget living well is the best revenge! :O)


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  1. And those who hate having their photo taken suffer from low self-esteem so you can’t win for losing. Folks in general are not too big on commenting around here. No I get a notification when someone replies to my comment and I use the notification drop down in the top right corner to read and sometimes respond to their reply. I’ve given up a lot more than that for my staff. Good employees are rather priceless so when I find good ones I have their back. No on the commercial, I don’t watch TV. I try to never buy chocolates but they still keep finding their way into my home. I’m coming but I’m not sure if we’ll stay in a hotel or check out beach houses for rent. I use explore to find posts of writers that I don’t follow. I am fond of Frank but I don’t have HBO since I don’t watch television. 🙂 The chemicals released into the body by negative emotions eat away at us from the inside out. I choose happy, it feels better. I am seldom sick. Living well, being happy, not becoming “them”, yes, that’s the best revenge.

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