Why do people NEED so much ‘drama’ in their lives and why do they have to share it with everyone? Why when things are pleasant do they have to ‘stir the pot’?

Since I moved into Gateway, which is devoted to old, poor people and since I have been on the Internet the agony, the negativity seems to flow from a certain type of person who can only, wants only, to share their negativity. Luckily there are a lot less of them than those who are positive about what life brings them no matter what it might be. I really do prefer people who make lemonade out of lemons then those who moan and groan if they have a hang nail.

I have had people say they can’t stand my being positive all the time. Well for those who don’t know it being upbeat, happy, positive is a lot of hard work, especially when things are rough emotionally, mentally and/or physically and I’ve been there. I have learned little tricks to get me smiling and when anyone asks me how I am feeling no matter what I will say “Fantastic!”

On one blogging site I let my positive guard down and got involved in a blog war with some of the most negative people who are, of course, know it alls and it has been hard to ignore their stupid comments, their gay slurs, their threats but it sure has been worth it. Now I just sit by and laugh at all their silliness and let them have their ‘wars’ without me.

I truly believe in karma and I have found the more negative a person is the more physical problems they have and it reaches a point where no one listens to them. We have one neighbor here that if you ask how he is you know he will respond with either he should have died yesterday or he thinks he will die today. It has reached a point how long it will take when he starts speaking to mention how he was almost near death. He has been dying every day for 10 years!

Yes we are old folks and most have aches and pains and some have life threatening illnesses but with most you would never know it. There are people going through chemo, people who live with oxygen tanks, some who can’t walk and yet they are as upbeat as only a survivor can be. Oh I will moan and groan too but it is not in a negative way and whether I have an aorta valve replacement or wake up bleeding internally or whatever I’ll talk about it either to give or get information.

It is not so much the physical and/or mental problems that people have but the emotional negativity they constantly throw out. They never have–or at least share–a good day or an upbeat time. They are miserable and everyone is miserable to them and they never do anything to provoke people to be that way towards them or so they say.

Life is NOT easy folks but it works better if you are positive and bring cheer to others in your attitude, words and actions.

Whenever you see me just ask me how I am doing and, yes, the answer will be “Fantastic!” no matter what the circumstances. And I am not sorry if you don’t know how to handle people who enjoy and love life but watch that karma, it comes in all forms.

Posted March 11, 2015 by greatmartin in LIFE

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  1. Happy is a choice, as you said, we can always find a way to find happy if we really seek it.

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