DELETING MY PAST?   2 comments

After 14-15 years of blogging, on over 12 sites, I every once in awhile think of deleting blogs and I have, occasionally, done just that. I have also ’lost’ blogs from sites that have gone under.

Currently I have close to 20, 000 DIFFERENT blogs on about 6 sites and once again I was thinking of deleting them but then I asked myself, “Why?” I’ve never written anything I’ve been ashamed of–I have basically told my whole life story, warts and all, from coming out to getting kicked out to getting closer to kicking the bucket.

Until I discovered the Internet and blogging I kept a diary from the age of 10. I have books and books of written notes about everything I have done for at least 60 years. There are records of shows and movies I have seen, people I have had sex with, places I had dinner, parties I have thrown or attended, people I have known, friends, acquaintances, books I have had published, columns I have written for newspapers, how the weather was on a certain day, how many people I waited on and how much I made in tips among many various topics.

It is fun to open a book on say June 16, 1965, and see what I was doing, where I was living, who were the people I was sharing my life with.

With the exception of the mid to late 1970s when a group of my diaries were stolen I have an accurate picture of my life and my feelings. I continued that when I started blogging and so I wondered why I would want to, or need to, delete any of my blogs? Yes I want my diaries burned when (IF!) I die because there is some information in them that can still be embarrassing to people, or their family, who are still alive. Now with my blogs I suppose I could transfer them to a doo-hicky (can’ t think of the term!!) and then that can be thrown out just as I now have all my photographs on one of them–yet I still haven’t thrown out the photo albums!–but just thinking of the time transferring the posts would take is daunting.

Besides I still have the thought in back of my mind of collecting some of the blogs and publishing them in a book, or books, of various subjects.

The bottom line? I won’t be deleting any of my blogs–for now.


Posted March 23, 2015 by greatmartin in LIFE

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2 responses to “DELETING MY PAST?

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  1. I tend to write in word and copy paste it into my blog platform so deleting mine from the net is not such a big deal for me.

  2. And neither should you delete them…..they are a reflection of who you are.

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