There was recently a discussion on facebook about teenagers working part-time before or after school as a way for kids to learn how to deal with the ‘real world’, how to handle money and responsibilities but mainly to stay out of trouble. I don’t know if a job would do all those things plus I believe kids have more homework than their parents or grandparents had plus though I worked I still had time to get in trouble!

My first job was at 12 or 13 when I worked at a summer refreshment stand in Lake Hiawatha where my family had a summer home. I started work at 14 as an usher at the Lyric theatre on 42nd street–saved money (YES! I SAVED MONEY! LOL) and at 16 left home–got a room, paid rent and bills, continued and graduated from high school, went to 1 year of college and then to the Marines.

When I got out of the Marines I worked as a waiter–a job I worked at most of my life and really enjoyed doing. For 10 years I worked for and with Weight Watchers after losing 100+ pounds–another job I loved–and then opened my own business Our Weigh. After that back to being a waiter.

I worked until I was 62 and then retired. The whole time from the age of 14 until 2008 I wrote and sold books, magazine articles, newspaper columns, etc. and though I made some money I needed a second job.

It was interesting what jobs some of the people had as teenagers–what about you? Did you work as a kid? And like me did you still have time to get in trouble?

Do you believe teenagers should work or should they enjoy their brief time as youth?

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  1. I think it’s good for kids to work, either volunteer or for actual pay. My kids did both. It’s a gradual progression that way from childhood into adult hood. I consider work to be part of the education process. It helps them see both the value of an education and also how it will fit into their life.

  2. Are my posts showing up in your feed? A couple folks said they’re not. I tried a new audio blogging system and now I’m worried that it might have messed something up by turning it on. WordPress has some glitches lately.

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