As a rule I don’t post negative blogs but reading today’s paper just blew my mind. Here are a few of the stories that made the news:

“Stepmom charged with murder of  toddler”  His body was covered with bruises, his pancreas ruptured into thirds, his body stuffed into a garbage bag and tucked into a box in the laundry.

“Motives of students who had guns unclear” Two 13 year old students showed up at school with a .357 Magnum revolver, knives, 59 bullets and fireworks. They said they had no intention of harming anyone but themselves.

“Mother arrested after two children found dead in a freezer.”

“Woman in Ohio accused of decapitating her 3 month old daughter with a kitchen knife.”

“Man fatally beat woman, tried to burn her house down with her body inside.”

“Two men were arrested in pornography charges sharing of up to 50 child files involving boys and girls ages 3 to 11.”

And all that is not the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how many kids are killed, abused, mistreated in one day just in one country.

Yes there are more people in the world today so maybe there are more horrific things going on and there is more media to report all this but why are we cutting back on children’s services, on social workers who can get these kids out of abusive situations?

Why aren’t court orders to keep abusive people away from their victims enforced?

Why don’t parents know that children have an arsenal of weapons?

Why are adults voting to allow students to take guns to school?

When will adults say,  “Enough is enough! We are tired of all of this and we are all going to do something about it!” ? No, I am not talking about vigilantes running wild but individuals taking responsibility when they see one of their own behaving badly and turning them in, getting them away from the victims. When are we going to open both eyes and not say, “I didn’t know anything was wrong,” or “He was such a good boy, “ like that is a valid excuse.

Folks aside from the inhumanity in the above cases what about the potential these children may have had to better our world?

What do we do? What can we do?


Posted March 28, 2015 by greatmartin in LIFE

One response to “WHAT’S GOING ON IN THIS WORLD?!

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  1. We are doing better now than we did when I was a child. When I was a child we did better than when my grandmother was a child. When we accept that children and family members are human beings worthy of the full protection of the laws we already have, then we will be where we need to be.

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