Groupon had a special coupon for an additional 25% off on a varied restaurants and looking for the best deal I saw they were offering one for $6.50 for $20 of food for the Taco Grill which had a few write-ups talking about how these were foods you would get on the streets of Mexico so, liking Mexican food, I got the groupon.

Taco Grill is situated in a small shopping ’village’ that I had been to before. It was situated in one storefront with a few tables outside, 2 insides and sitting on two walls.

As you enter you order at the counter with all the ingredients fresh in site with the cook taking your order and making the food. 

Allen ordered the 3 pulled pork tacos ($8) served with cilantro, onions and hot sauce on warm tortillas while I had the cheese quesadilla with steak ($12) and served with sour cream and avocado. We each had a bottle of diet coke ($1.50) so the check, with tax, came to $24.20. The cook/cashier served us the food at an indoor table. Basically it cost us $5.25 for a light tasty lunch which is a good price but without the groupon it would have cost $12.10 whereas we could have gone to one of the many new Mexican franchises using all fresh ingredients for a much larger meal. 

The gentleman who did all the work and interacting with the customer though he did point out the owner who seemed to ignore everyone–which is not a way to build a new business–represented the Taco Grill in a very positive manner.




Posted April 11, 2015 by greatmartin in RESTAURANTS, REVIEWS

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  1. Street food in Mexico can be a wonderful ummm cleansing experience.

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