First and foremost the best thing about Foxy Brown was our server Kaitlyn who from beginning to end had a smile on her face, knew what she was doing, was all over the place helping every one but at the same time paying attention to her tables giving refill of drinks without having to be asked, checking back to make sure everything was okay and when we had mentioned we were going to split our sandwiches made sure to bring two extra plates.

We walked in near the end of lunchtime and more than half the tables had to be cleaned but it was good to see a working manager hard at work doing just that. In spite of the gray walls, a high ceiling and the tables all in a L shaped row Foxy Brown has an intimate, warm feeling. There is a narrow row between the tables and the semicircular bar but you never feel you are being crowded just as though the tables are right next to each other you don’t feel like you are with the next party. The tables are wide, even the deuces, the chairs comfortable and seeing the restaurant’s motto, “Be Nice”, on the inside wall, the entrance and on the menu gets everything off to a good start.

I ordered the patty melt, $12,  “the sandwich that inspired the menu” and Allen ordered the meatball grinder, $12, chicken and porcini mushroom w/ tomato gravy + provolone, and we were going to split an order of fries but Kaitlyn told us each came with a side so we ordered the French fries and tomato wedges in oil and parsley. I had a diet coke, $2.50, and Allen had a chocolate shake, $7.

The patty melt was served on marbled rye with a good, tasty thick meat patty, and provolone cheese, served at the temperature ordered. Though it was good it wasn’t better than most other patty melts I have had. The only thing wrong with the grinder was that the hero bread was way too thick. Allen said the shake was good and at that price it should be. There was a nice touch of being given hot towels when we were finished.

Altogether the check, with tax, was $35.15 and we gave Kaitlyn a $10 tip.

The sandwiches are all $12 and their main courses run from $18 for bangers and smash to $26 for sea scallops or crab cakes, which to my way of thinking is a bit high for lunch prices though they seem to cater to the downtown business crowd, being right on the fringe of downtown. Most of the crowd were gents in business suits with what looked like a neighborhood couple sitting next to us.

They have a large parking lot behind the restaurant along with a pleasant outdoor dining area.

Though the prices are a little too high for me Foxy Brown is nice restaurant a little off the beaten path, easy to get to, decent food and with a server like Kaitlyn you won’t go wrong.

As I was leaving I thought what a great downtown evening piano bar it would make but there isn’t room for a that piano!



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  1. Sounds like one to put on the books.

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