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Aside from breaking records with hitting 96 degrees one day last week we are now in the ‘rainy season’ so you know if you have anything to do outdoors you should get it done by 1 PM.

The main changes you can see are the ones in pictures 2 and 3–the former were the trees in March and the latter are the trees today!

Pictures 4 and 5 are just a couple of the birds around while 16 and 17 are another pigeon nest. The cat is one of the many at Gateway while the dog belongs to Cookie. Pictures 8, 9, 11 and 18 are the seeds I planted in March that I bought at Dollar Tree while the other flower and plants are just a few of those brightening Gateway.

As I usually do every April I switch the dining room table by the window and the couch against the opposite wall, pictures 13 and 14. I tried to put the computer table parallel to the long window wall as I had it before but there are so many wires with the computer, printer, monitor, speakers, phone that it became a hassle and a half so I left it as is but I do know I will have to move the sofa bed against the ‘A Chorus Line” wall by February so it can be opened up but that’s 10 months away!

Saw the touring companies of “Pippin” and “Sister Act’ in April and 6 new movies of which one is definitely going on top of my worst movies of 2015 “While We’re Young”. Ate in 3 new restaurants of which one, Marti’s, was a big disappointment, Taco Grill just okay and Foxy Brown was a winner. 

Though it is still 10 months away I m starting to get things worked out for my Leap Year birthday on Monday, February 29, 2016. I booked a room at Café Vico’s for a dinner that evening, reserved our community room for the night before when the 2015 Oscar show will be on and will have to look into renting the biggest TV I can find for that night plus see about some catering. More planning to do in May!




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  1. Spring cleaning and re-arranging too? Busy fella

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