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As I said many times before I could no more list my favorite movie then I could make a list of ‘my favorite 100 movies’–what follows are movies that I have seen more than 5 times or many unaccountable times–they were all seen for the first time in a movie theatre  since many were pre the world of tapes!

The comments are strictly my opinion.

“Monsters” Charlene Theron gives THE best dramatic performance by an actress EVER in a movie!

“Funny Girl” Streisand at her best–a perfect performance of dramatic and comedic acting, plus singing the score magnificently and looking beautiful, yes beautiful in many scenes such as singing “Sadie, Sadie” sitting on the bed looking at her ring–the whole sequence of “Don’t Rain On My Parade” is filming at it’s best.

“Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing”–Jennifer Jones running through the streets, and up the hill, after William Holden’s death gets me EVERY time and then the title song comes on the soundtrack–magic–as is how she looks in her magnificent clothes–also contains one of my favorite lines from a movie about ‘waking a sleeping tiger’.

“Sordid Lives” one of the funniest campiest movies ever made.

“The Big Knife” a very under-rated movie about Hollywood with Jack Palance giving his best performance and Rod Steiger his hammiest. Ida Lupino, as always, a standout.

“Chicago”–brilliantly conceived Broadway to Hollywood transfer.

“The Barefoot Contessa” The most sensuous actress ever in Hollywood, Ava Gardner, shows that besides being a beauty she was a good actress.

“All About Eve” a perfect blend of story, acting, directing and everything else a movie should be.

“Gilda” is there a more sexier and affirmation of life than Rita Hayworth singing “Put The Blame On Mame”? Though in black and white you saw her red hair. And what about the gay undertones?

“Imitation Of Life” of the 4 versions made of this film the Lana Turner one is the standout–talk about ‘a 4 hankie’ movie! (Whatever happened to Susan Kohner?)

“10 N. Fedrick” just watching the sheer magic of Suzy Parker walking is what ‘moving’ pictures is all about.

“A Walk On The Wild Side” a trashy movie with Stanwyck at her butchest, Capucine unintentionally funny and Harvey trying seriously to make it look like Shakespeare–camp and a soap opera all in one.

“Born Yesterday” One of the funniest performances by an actress in a movie–Judy Holliday convinced you she was the original source of all of today’s blonde jokes–a brilliant actress.

(To Be Continued)

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