Yesterday the Gateway Terrace apartments had what is becoming an annual Health Fair for the mainly senior residents. Now we are dealing with many people in their sixties, seventies, eighties with a few in their nineties and health care is an important part of their life.

It was a beautiful, sunny Fort Lauderdale day and a few activities were held outside such as busting balloons, knocking over beer bottles, a dunking tank which two of the maintenance guys volunteered for though would have been a lot more fun if the office staff have volunteered–well, maybe next year! LOL

Inside the community room various medical companies set up tables and were giving blood pressure tests–more about this in a minute–giving out pill boxes, pink bracelets, pens, cloth bags and at one table they were giving out mini cupcakes and brownies while at another lollipops.

Let’s talk about the food served at the HEALTH fair. Remember these are seniors with heart problems, circulatory and breathing problems, people who take blood thinners, some use walkers and wheelchairs while other need oxygen tanks so what choices of food do they get? Okay popcorn isn’t too bad but right next to the popcorn machine snow cones are available. At the next table are various cookies, packages of 1 serving pretzels containing 350mgs of salt and 35grams of carbohydrates. There were hot dogs in buns with relish and let’s not forget those mini cupcakes!

True the HEALTH fair probably wouldn’t have been as much fun or, maybe, not even had gotten the turnout they did if fresh fruits and raw vegetables were served but that may be something the committee might want to rethink next year.

All in all a good was had by the staff and residents and some of the latter may even have learned some health tips that will help their daily and long term living.

Take a look at the slideshow of the events and the goodies–I did add 3 from last year of the dunking tanks as they were better pictures–and think of joining us next year.

Oh yes, today they are having a flea market–no rest for the weary seniors who thought they would have nothing to do and retirement would be boring!



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2 responses to “GATEWAY TERRACE HEALTH FAIR 2015

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  1. Yep, no rest for the weary indeed.

  2. Also, LOL health care workers have a vested interest in keeping you unhealthy, their jobs depend on it.

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