A CAR OR A PARTY OR A DREAM?   1 comment

A party or a car, computer and/or TV? Are you sitting down?

Well you are probably sitting down if you are reading this or then you may be reading it on your phone but you might be sitting down IN A RESTAURANT in any case are you ready? If  you know me only #1 should surprise you.

1) “A Chorus Line” will be playing at a local theatre and I am not going to see it!!

2) I spent last weekend on the Internet car hunting–I priced 2 of the cheapest cars–a 1990 Lexus and a 2003 BMW sedan–the former with ALL upfront charges is $4, 447.97 and the latter $11, 867.97–the Lexus is in really bad shape–the monthly financial payments could range from a low of $135 to $311 a month if my credit is good enough– in any case the minimum car insurance would be $571 for six months IF I made all of the 6 month payment at 1 time–that doesn’t include gas, oil, etc., plus any repairs–no warranties/guarantees.

If I balance that against taking cabs, the free rides I get from my HMO to see doctors and/or public van transportation for $3.50 each way (the only problem with the latter 2 are getting to a place an hour early if on time and not to mention the 2 hour wait after to get a ride home.) I guess it means no car.

Oh yes there goes going to the movies every Friday, eating out on Thursdays and Fridays or theatre nights. And what would I need a car for if I didn’t do those things? And I would have to give up having my laundry done not to mention getting my apartment cleaned.

3) My 20th Leap Year birthday will be on Monday February 29, 2016, and I don’t celebrate my birthday in the between years but I do have a blast every Leap Year. If you had to choose between a big party 1 time or a car for a year I bet you would choose the car. Well I’m not you and so I would rather keep the money I have been saving–yes, me saving!–for 3 years and will be saving for another year to celebrate my birthday week instead of  using it for a down payment on a car. (See #2) And instead of $40-50 for a theatre ticket I can get a WOW! of a carrot birthday cake that week.

As I said I have been saving money each month so it is enough to celebrate Leap Year like I would but on the other hand I could get a new TV  and/or computer or maybe even an old car with insurance. Then again I have such generous friends I may get a gift of either of the 3. (Mmmm–is that being too subtle?)

I have started making some plans for the birthday week like on the 28th will be the Academy Awards show so I have reserved the community room here for a party, the next evening will be THE party at the Café Vico and then the following day will be the opening of the “Kinky Boots” Broadway musical tour here. Also checking into hotel ‘deals’ for out of town guests plus a day trip to the Everglades, a ride on the water taxi on the inter-coastal, etc. All tentative plans depending on how many are coming from out  town and whether I win the lottery before then.

Come on, what way did you think I would/should/will go?



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  1. I have no idea which way you will go but I’m bringing the cake, remember?

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