And the titles keep on coming but I’ll finish it today.

“The Fan” with Lauren Bacall is every inch a star who has a young, male fan obsessed with her–a good suspense mystery that was underrated at the time it came out–with Maureen Stapleton and James Garner

“Ordinary People” Mary Tyler Moore is no perky Mary in this one–excellent directorial debut by Robert Redford–Timothy Hutton deservedly won supporting actor and Donald Sutherland at his best.

“Love Story” okay so I weep every time I see it in spite of the sappy story and the bad acting–one of my guilty pleasures (And I will be seeing Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal this July on stage in “Love Letters”.)

“The Color Purple” a sweeping epic–acting excellent, especially by Whoopie (I wish she would make more movies like this then the garbage she has been in–with the exception of “Sister Acts”)–Spielberg did a fine job–too bad they cut the lesbian angle.

“Lost Weekend”–“The Snake Pit”–“Pinky”–“When A Man Loves A Woman” so called message pictures but all powerful–the first and last one deal with alcoholism–the second with insane asylums and the third with ‘passing’.

“Psycho” people stopped taking showers–moviegoers were not allowed to be seated after movie starts–the co-star, Janet Leigh, dies in the first 40 minutes of the picture–Perkins is a camp as his mother–yes, deservedly a ‘classic’ and now TV has a “Bates Motel” examining the relationship between Norman and his mother.

“Jaws” to this day people look for sharks in the ocean–the music sets the tone–even the fake shark is serious!

“Stage Beauty” Maybe because it sounded like “Shakespeare In Love” it bombed at the box office but shouldn’t have–stars so bright, good actors of today–Billy Crudup and Claire Danes–as the ad said, “She was the first of her kind. He was the last of his.” I didn’t like “Shakespeare In Love” but I loved this.

“Vera Drake” a brilliant, unmissable, unforgettable film–worth seeing more than once just for the performance of Imelda Staunton for which she received an Oscar nomination

“De-Lovely” not the best musical biography ever made but probably the most underrated–fine score (though I do cringe at some of the pop singers they had sing them)–Kevin Kline IS Cole Porter but he sings a lot better than he had to in this movie.

“A Beautiful Mind” a beautiful picture–Crowe was robbed of the Oscar–a love story, a mystery, a true life genius–all comes together.

Okay, I have hundreds and hundreds of more films—Lenny, I Could Go On Singing. The Strange One, The Shrike, Priest, Priscalla–the Queen Of The Desert and on and on but I’ll stop here :o)



Posted May 18, 2015 by greatmartin in ENTERTAINMENT


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  1. Ha ha, you’ve seen far more than I have.

  2. Haven’t seen even half of those… wow!

  3. A commendable list there, I did love ‘Stage Beauty’ and ‘Shakespeare In Love’ which was a great way to introduce students to the Elizabethan Period. In addition, Joseph Fiennes is ‘easy on the eye’, oui?

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