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I learned early in life how up and down it can be whether in a week, a month or years. You go through highs and lows but most of the time your days are at an even keel.

Looking over the month of May 2015 it is more or less a typical month. I take a lot of pictures and they reflect how I spend my life and, luckily, there is more good than bad.

First of all I have to salute my brother and sister-in-law celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary this year.

Looking over the slideshow some pictures may need explanations such as the second which is a picture of Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal who will be doing the play “Love Letters” at the Broward Performing Arts Center. I am sure most want to see the “Love Story” couple who made the movie 45 years ago and how they look today. The picture following that is the curtain call of “Anything Goes” that played here this month. 

Of course along the way you will see pictures from the movies I saw this month including 2 sweet ones “Five Flights Up” and “I’ll See You In My Dreams” not to forget the bad one, in my opinion, “The 100 Year Old Man Who Jumped Out of the Window and Disappeared.”

Places I ate at from Boston Market to Dapur’s, Oaki Steakhouse and Docker’s plus a few meals I cooked at home (#s 8, 18).

There were the flowers I grew from seed (10) and, once again, the vegetables that didn’t grow.

There is the Gateway community room (#6) that I booked for February 28, 2016, for a party but more about that later and The Gateway Theatre (#11) where I see so many good movies and, yes, a few bad ones. 

Of course there are the selfies that I am always taking, not to show me off but to show my shirts off! LOL

And then just to show that not all of life is great there are the pictures of the fall (#21) and ‘cast’ (#20) that I had not paying attention to when I was walking

Don’t forget to look at (#16) Biscuit and Meatball, the former an old dog who allows the latter, the puppy, to ‘bother’ him at The Point!

With the rose (#13) and the Queen Crepe Myrtle Trees (#7) no matter how bad the fall may have been the  life of Mother Nature surrounds me making life good!

Looking to June!

May 2015 Resume Slideshow

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