We have lizards of all kinds on the grounds here. Some have straight tails while others have curled and a few don’t have tails at all. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors and though some people are squeamish these guys keep the ant, roach, fly and mosquito population very low.

I don’t know if the ones in the pictures are geckos, anoles or skinks. I would say in all probability they are geckos as they are referred to as ’house lizards’ and, yes, some get into the apartments but you would never know it unless you get a flash of them. I do know I don’t have any bugs in my place so they are more than welcome!

While I was taking a walk the other day I kept on coming across them so I got the camera out. If you look closely in one shot there are 3 of them in a square block of cement.

I don’t know if birds and/or cats eat them as I have never seen that happen but, then again, I have never seen a cat grab and eat a bird here. Maybe they have a peace pact among them?

In any case I love and have spent hours watching Mother Nature’s creatures all around here including huge iguanas that seem to give you the evil eye!


Posted June 4, 2015 by greatmartin in MOTHER NATURE

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