It has been almost two years since I was last to a Smashburger Restaurant and the one I went  to has closed. There are now at least a dozen more different burger franchises in the area and yet wanting to go for a good burger we couldn’t think of one we wanted to go to and after a process of elimination because of easy parking we decided to go to this one.

I ordered the Classic Big Smash ($5.99)–a cheeseburger–and wasn’t asked how I wanted it cooked but as soon as I got it I knew it wouldn’t have made a difference as it lived up to the name of being smashed. It was too thin to be cooked any way but well done. I prefer my burgers thick and medium rare. Do I need to add that it was way too flat to fit within the bun?

I am known for ’cleaning my plate’ but for the first time I can remember I left almost half of the sweet potato fries ($2.29) in the basket.

In addition I had a fountain diet coke ($1.99) for my drink.

By the way they had the worst muzak coming in over their speakers and when I said something to the  employee they agreed!

My check came to $10.89. The bottom line is that if I want a good burger the way I like it I have to go to a full service restaurant and expect to pay between $12-14 just for the burger.

To end on a positive note the place was clean and bright.


Posted June 7, 2015 by greatmartin in REASTAURANTS

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