I AM EXHAUSTED!   1 comment

If I didn’t know better I would think I am getting old!! All I did was go to the orthopedic doctor today and then to IHOP to have a stack of Rooty Tooty Fruity Strawberry pancakes (I have to have fresh fruit every day!)

Doc said 4 more weeks of keeping the leg straight out and then I will have to go to rehab.

I told him I have been very tired, disoriented, unable to sleep, no energy, etc.,–said it was probably the painkillers I was taking in addition to the other 8 medicines I am taking.

I am going to cut back to 1 painkiller for the day, before going to sleep, and see if that helps.

Still haven’t gotten the wheelchair from Medicare–lucky I was able to borrow the one from Christine.

I am tired–and a lousy patient–hate being sick! ARGH!


Posted June 8, 2015 by greatmartin in HEALTH

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  1. Oh dear Martin, methinks you’ve earned more strawberry pancakes…..as for rehab……mmmmm hugs and get well wishes….

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