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It boggles my mind how anyone whether a child or a senior citizen or spanning the years in between can say “I am bored,” let alone write a whole blog about being bored or having nothing to do! Every minute of every day of every year Mother Nature puts on a show that is constantly changing whether it is a calm, sunny, beautiful day or she shows her fury with tornadoes, snowstorms or earthquakes. 

There is not a painter, an artist, a photographer, a poet who can capture the colors, lat alone as varied as they are, that she will present every day whether it be a sunrise, sunset, the black of midnight, the various colors of the moon, the yellow and brightness of the sun and let’s not get into the red Cardinals or multicolored Macaws or the blue of blue jays because they can truly blow your mind.

The slideshow are just a few of the pictures I took this month showing how varied her hues are from the Queen Myrtle Crepe trees (#1) to the crows (#s 2 & 3) to the various plants (#s 4,5,6,7) from the brown of a lizard (#8) to the red, oranges and blacks of a sunset (#10) Look at the orange of the cat (#12) and the blacks and whites of the dogs (#11) and how loving she made the puppy to the old dog. 

And trees! What she does with trees #s 13 and 14) from the Jacaranda to the palm to the old trees that have melded together to be impenetrable and withstand hurricanes!

I have taken over 5,000 photographs of what Mother Nature has given us and even though I am far, very far, from being the best photographer she makes most of my pictures look great!

Bored? Get outside or just look outside your window and see the many wonders of life.



Posted June 15, 2015 by greatmartin in MOTHER NATURE

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