After finishing my post about “The Bad Seed”: I started thinking about other old, possibly forgotten, movies that would always be on my ‘must see’ list and then that got my to thinking about what does it take to get you to watch a movie–the actors? The director? The previews? The genre? The reviews? Word of mouth?

Along with the ‘old’ movie idea I was wondering how many film buffs have seen the old movies that dealt with behind the scenes in Hollywood? I am sure most are familiar with “Sunset Boulevard” and some may be familiar with “The Bad and the Beautiful” with Lana Turner and Kirk Douglas plus a cast of MGM major stars but I am sure very few have seen Bette Davis as an alcoholic movie star in “The Star” which rated her an Oscar nomination. 

How many of you are familiar with Kim Stanley who was often referred to as the female Brando? She was one of the finest actresses on stage and in films. One of my favorite all time films was/is “The Goddess” in which she played a ‘fictional’ Marilyn Monroe sort of actress and probably her finest film work was in “A Seance On A Wet Afternoon”.

I think more than most of you it is primarily the cast or a particular actor that will get me to see a movie followed by the genre. What gets you to see a movie?


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  1. I have seen a lot of old movies and really enjoyed them. These days I’m more likely to be driven by genre and cast. I do like ‘Arthouse’, Thrillers and Dramas…don’t mind a bit of action and foreign film either..

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