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JULY 4 2015



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Though the pictures talk for themselves I, of course, will add a few words here and there!

1 & 2) The invitation to all 300 residents of Gateway. (I don’t know how to delete a picture from a slideshow so you have 2 chances to read it!)

3) Shirley at the grill though it is rumored that John helped. Notice her red, white and blue chef’s outfit!

4 & 5) Cookie and Jackie serving the food which consisted of burgers, hot dogs, onions, salads, chips, sodas

6-8) Some of the folks eating

9-11) Waiting for the fireworks to start we watched the paddlers on the river at The Point

12) Folks–and dogs–arriving to await the fireworks.

13) Okay I couldn’t get any good pictures of the fireworks but because of the various beach parties along with private residences in the area there were fireworks all around. This is just one shot from my window. The ‘show’ started at 9 PM and was still going at Midnight!

Join us for Labor Day?


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