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Most of the buildings here at the Gateway Terrace have a small plot of land in front and back of the ground floor apartments. Many residents will spend time planting their own little gardens to be shared by all while some just have the hedges that Gateway planted and the lawn maintenance crew takes care of.

My neighbor downstairs, Irene, takes care of both the front and back gardens and has planted some things around the trunk of the big tree in the back. Aside from all the Queen Crepe Myrtle trees and many varied colored Hibiscus plants it is always pleasant to walk around Gateway and see just what the neighbors have done to make their little part of the world relaxing.

In the photos 1 and 2 in the slideshow  are the rear garden that Irene has worked on to make our building a little bit different from the others. In the third picture is the front of our building that she has also added plants.

In the 4th to 9th pictures we see Mary Lou’s handiwork.  For each holiday she fixes up her garden with mementos of the holidays and is constantly adding different plants depending upon the season–yes, folks, Florida does have seasons!

In the remaining photos are what other neighbors have done some making patios of their area

Though I haven’t posted any of the pictures at Christmas time many neighbors spruce up their areas with seasonal decorations which I post every December and which Gateway holds a ‘best decorating’ contest.

Okay, I have to go pick some weeds!


Posted July 16, 2015 by greatmartin in GARDENS

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