It’s a whole new world when you have a car! For those who don’t know I had a red Chevy 1971 convertible with a 454 engine which I got in 1981 and had until 2004 when I couldn’t afford the repairs and insurance. I have been without a car since and getting around Fort Lauderdale isn’t easy without a car. Luckily Allen has been good enough to take me shopping on Thursdays and we go to the movies on Friday plus now and then to the theatre and when I really need it he will take me to a doctor’s appointment. Also I get a vacation when he goes on vacation and leaves the car behind for me to use.

Aside from that I am more or less a ‘prisoner’ at Gateway–which really isn’t a bad place to be captive! For the last few years I have had P.A.D, (peripheral artery disease) which makes it hard to walk more than a few blocks and each year a block or two less.

Allen drove up to Orlando for 5 days and me being a creature of habit–which I have become since I have gotten old–I decided to treat myself and get a rental car for 48 hours so I could do my shopping and go to the movies, eat out and do other things that I haven’t been able to do for awhile when I wanted.

Well folks aside from the rental fees and gas I relearned a lesson from the last time I had the use of a car–it is expensive!! And I am talking about going to Target and buying 4 new bed pillows, to Home Depot and buying some plants and Office Depot to look at new desk set PCs and here, there and everywhere to buy ‘things’! As usual–and this was a lesson I thought I had learned but obviously didn’t–I used credit cards. It looks like August is going to be a VERY lean spending month because I want to get those cards paid off in full before interest kicks in.

All in all it really was fun having the availability to ‘get away’ when I wanted but it will be awhile before I do that again.



Posted July 18, 2015 by greatmartin in LIFE

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