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I have slept through earthquakes in California and Japan. Through tornadoes in Tennessee, hurricanes in Florida and, not to forget, loud next door neighbor’s parties in New York City BUT I don’t/can’t/won’t fall asleep if there is any light in the room!!

I moved into this apartment in February 2004 and the first thing I did was pull up or take off the blinds in the kitchen, bathroom, living room south and east windows and they haven’t been down since! (Pictures 1-4)

By the way living on the top (third floor), and the way my apartment is situated, I can walk around nude and the only things people can see is my nude chest, nude top back and my face/head. (TMI?)

The second thing I did was buy black plastic shower liners and, using duct tape and clear tape, taped them up. Yes for 11 years I lived with tacky taped on ‘curtains’! For 11years I never saw the blinds and windows behind them–still haven‘t! (Pictures 5 and 6!)

For some reason I decided it was time to get blackout curtains though I had them on my gift wish list for my 20th Leap Year birthday party and I ordered them from Target. I spoke to John about the rods and he said he was going to Home Depot the next day and he would pick them up–also VOLUNTEERED to hang them up. (Hey I milked wearing the leg brace and my 0 mechanical ability for all I could!)

In any case after 11 years being a kid at heart I wanted them put up yesterday but he put them up the next day!! (Pictures 7 and 8)

Because of the way the rods would hang, slightly away from the wall, I decided to keep the original plastic ‘curtains’ up figuring the new curtains would hide them anyway and would keep the room dark.

Pictures 9 and 10 were taken at midnight–it is dark folks!!–while 11 and 12 were taken at Noon.

I love my DARK ROOM!  Thanks John!

(Some people have been having problems with seeing the slideshow though I do have it marked public so all I can suggest is copying and pasting the URL address.)



Posted July 19, 2015 by greatmartin in HOME

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